Slide1Vacations can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I decided to turn off my TV while traveling up and down the east coast. I had successfully weaned myself off the news for almost two weeks. Then it hit me. I saw one preview and couldn’t resist getting the “News Alert.” Hillary and Obamy are back out there, and now that the Russia heat is off Trump, they’ve come out of hiding. The smokescreen that was cleverly carried out by the liberal non-news media created a diversion for quite a while and apparently the two most wanted criminals in the U.S. feel it’s safe to come out and play their nasty, lying, hypocritical brainwashing games. I think they guessed wrong.
For the people getting the truth, it can be determined that despite all the lies and deflection over the past 9 months, President Trump has stayed his course and has truly made some big changes, and his attitude and respect worldwide, has gained momentum. The opposition will try to tell you different. And it appears they will never stop the useless barrage of anti-Trumpisms that’s only accomplishment is the slowdown of the growth of America. Slowdown, not shutdown. It’s shameful.
So Trump’s here to stay and now we should get back to prosecuting the criminals who have done the damage to our country. Barry and HRC are now making their biggest mistake by showing their faces and not allowing the truth to evaporate. Don’t they know that a good crook hides until the heat is off? They should be somewhere on a deserted island. They act like people who are so desperate for limelight they will cut their own throats for the attention. These criminals will eventually be locked up. It’s only a matter of time and the insurmountable evidence will break through.
It is no surprise, and I’m sure part of a much bigger plan, that the “Evil Ones” are out there spouting off, spreading rumors and innuendo, with their incredulous looks on their face, about the President of The United States. The decisive nature of the rhetoric can only continue to disgust the citizens of our nation and, as the pattern continues, it’s not helping the Dems at all. They have no leader and trying to revive the three-time loser, and the anti-American, is clearly a continuation of the journey down the wrong path. They have no new ideas and the people of America are ripe for change and prosperity, not the same old lies and empty promises.

obama_26Hang loose America as they tighten their own noose.


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