I turned to SpaceX.com today and watched a Falcon 9 rocket take off, putting into orbit a new satellite. Inmarsat-5 F4 is the last in a series of four high-power communications spacecraft which Inmarsat will use to support its Global Xpress mobile satellite broadband product. In 14 minutes it was halfway from Florida to Africa and cruising at 24,000 miles an hour. So with that, the entire world will be able to communicate and we never have to miss the latest news, no matter where we are.
The irony is that space travel, rockets, international space stations, and the global cooperation it takes to achieve these things get lost somewhere it daytime drama series we are exposed to everyday on what used to be the “news” networks.
There is so much more. Breakthroughs in science, medicine, energy, and millions of other accomplishments take a back seat to political bickering and whining, and again we are cheated out of victories, and continually treated to lies, slander, misquotes and losers crying foul. So let’s say negative news creates ratings, creates buzz, creates future stories. Why the same old tired rants. Want some negative breaking news to jaw about over the water cooler? How about the genocide being played out against the christians, worldwide? How about the wholesale slaughter of women and children for power play. What is going on here on earth and why are we subjected to vituperative newscasters jamming junk, speculation and narratives that have nothing to do with news, and everything to do with power-hungry politicians and their minions trying to win an argument that has no winner? Right or wrong the outcome of this election cannot be overturned. Felonious activities go unpunished while they pick apart Sean Spicer’s words, looking for some kind of slip up, mistake, or the hottest thing going, an eye roll.
The world is a wondrous place and beautiful, miraculous things happen everyday, everywhere. Exploration opens new doors worth going through and seeing what’s on the other side and what has gone unnoticed, and unreported. Stay tuned for a breakthrough. Good news is on the verge of wiping out the negativity and the world will vibrate on a whole new level of love, peace, harmony and understanding. We will be treated to things that don’t generate “breaking news”, but more like “breaking through.” Peace on earth is not just a line from a Christmas card. It is a promise, and the world is ready for it.


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