The election is over yet the battle continues. Back in the days I was so excited leading up to November 8th that I was eagerly searching the channels for any “breaking news.” I was reluctant to do anything else for fear of missing something I could not live with out. I exchanged hours of sunshine for hours of glueing myself to my recliner, flicking through CNN, MSNBC and FOXNews. Stories were pouring in from everywhere and celebrities were born every moment. Either they were the hottest, latest and greatest newscaster, or someone out there with a tidbit of knowledge about one of the candidates. True or false everything was “hot” and “breaking” and five minutes of fame was being doled out by the truckload. Remember Barry, Hillary, and Donald? Remember the Facebook battles and rallies and riots and every thing in between?  Nowadays I’m ready to shoot my TV.
I’m almost ashamed of myself for still watching, yet not surprised but resolved that I will continue to do so. I was just watching Anderson CNN Cooper interview Leon Panetta and he asked Leon how he felt about the Comey situation and anything else going on in Washington. He answered “you have to wait 24 hours after the White House says anything to see what they have to say next about it.” Well Leon, how about just changing the channel if you want to hear another story. If you just picked two…. let’s say CNN and Fox (how obvious)  one says this… the other says that… always polar opposites. How is it possible?
When I was a kid we had three networks, and, possibly because I was a naive child, I believed everything anyone of them said. But as I remember it, THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH! I found out many years later that it was all liberal media then, as well as now, and despite their rhetoric and narrative to the contrary, Reagan won by a landslide. Some stories were retracted eventually for misinformation, but seldom did we question the veracity, honesty and research behind each segment. News was “news” and not a beating to death of each word for weeks as at a time. Nowadays I’m ready to shoot my TV. Back then it was an honor, a goal and awesome to get a scoop. We applauded great journalists for their ability to get to the truth. Now we have polished news readers, who have done none of the research on the stories they are “reading”, and trying to sell themselves as credible. When did it become popular to bad mouth the President of the United States? Yes, it always went on….. but not in your face like today’s nasty, belligerent, toxic bashing whenever either side has a favorite. Now we are faced with “fake” vs. “real” with nowhere to turn for peace of mind and truth. CNN will try to convince you that DT fired James Comey because he was too close to finding out that he was colluding with Putin and he doesn’t want the truth to come out. They tell you he is nothing but a liar and spend all day and night trying to indoctrinate you into their spin on any subject they try to undermine and destroy. They laugh, they chortle, they shake their head, they wear frowns, and they continue to disrespect the POTUS. For what gain? Trump won fair and square and they can do nothing about it but pander to the ones that vote against him. They continue to be the minority.
So we have to sit here listening to a pack of lies. Oh wait!!! Turn the channel. A different set of lies? Who the heck is telling the truth.
Do we have the face the fact that truth no longer exists because of the continual bombardment of opposing truths. It once again boils down to putting together what used to be called a “blue ribbon panel” to now being called “an independent investigation”, to constantly be installed to debate and sort out every word that comes from either side.
One more example….  CNN calls it an “assault on democracy” every time DT makes a move. Fox says it’s a score for democracy.

President-elect Obama and President Bush stand together on the West Wing Colonnade of the White House in Washington, Monday, Nov. 10, 2008. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Maybe you turn to me for your information? Here it is: Trump never colluded with Russia to win the election. Russia messes with America every chance it gets, in every election for the past several decades. Hillary sucks as a candidate, therefore she loses all the time. Here is my best advice. Gather all the information you can, from the interweb, TV, and radio, pray on it, meditate on it, talk about it with others and turn off all electronic devices for 24 hours and then make a decision about anything from your heart. Look in to the eyes of the candidate, the newscasters, your brother or sister, or the bum on the street and then decide for yourself, and then live with it if the majority did not agree. Time will march on and change will continue to change. Your opinion, and mine, will not change the world, so make a decision you can live with and let things play out while the media fights each other until the next election rolls around. Is it possible that because the liberals control the media that we hear all this bad Trump junk so we will forget what Hillary did? I think time will tell and Hillary would be best served, under this administration, to find a home in Belize and write her memoirs on the beach. Prognostication? No, a promise. Give it time. Truth will prevail.

America will prosper.  Good will defeat evil.


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