The “3 C’s”
Do you ever wonder why so many people have cancer now. Or wonder where all the research money has gone? I am a cancer survivor and believe me when I say, most everyone with cancer, including myself, knows more about it than we ever wanted to.
It was ten months from the day the doctor said, “I have good news and bad news,” to another doctor saying “we got it all.” It wasn’t until I heard it was gone that it sank in that I indeed had cancer in the first place. I knew it existed, I just had too much on my mind toward recovering and vowing to beat it before it beat me.  Hearing the “C” word had a bizarre effect on me, and a lot of the people I shared experiences with. Not like a “life flashing before me” thing, but more like a focus beyond any I thought I would ever need. Endless hours of research lay ahead of me and nothing else mattered but finding a way to survive and finding ways to do just that.
Dealing with four doctors at the same time was an experience, and humanized them all. They know the fear factor of cancer and each had their own style of approaching me, and recommendations for treatment.
My ENT, the original bearer of bad news was kind and gentle and told me most people with HPV 16B can be treated with radiation and no chemo, and assured me that he was there, with his entire staff, to “help” me get through it. Dr. A. is a great guy and I knew in his heart he meant what he said. I barely heard any of the conversation and to this day I have sketchy, at best, memory of the whole ordeal. I had no idea that “getting me through” included losing 50 pounds, not being able to eat solid food for 7 months, losing my goatee, half of the hair on the back of my head, all the skin on my neck and damn near all my sanity. Believe me it was o.k. once it was over, and a small price to pay for a new lease on life, and I pray for those who aren’t “lucky” enough to get a curable form of cancer. This isn’t about me and what I went through, but more of a head up to many others who will face this type of mental and physical trauma.
You see, being in a state of shock makes it very hard to make rational decisions. Dr. A. told me there would be no chemo. My mother had died 18 years earlier, after an almost two-year battle with cancer, which I describe as a battle with chemo. I will always believe that chemotherapy killed her, or at least robbed her of some final day’s enjoyment.
Dr. P. was my radiation doctor and a very likeable guy. He had survived falling off a roof and landing head first on the ground while helping a fellow doctor with a new roof. He attributed his survival, with seemingly no side-affects, to a miracle from God, and right away I knew we would get along fine. During that first meeting, he told me that because they couldn’t find the origin of my cancer, I would have to go through chemotherapy. The cloud in my brain immediately intensified and fear paralyzed me. I told him what doctor A. had said and he informed me that the team had decided chemo was necessary. The team consisted of the four doctors. Trust, fear and helplessness hit real hard that day. Next I had to meet the “chemo lady”.
Dr. M looked to me like Tea Leoni, and on top of her good looks, her confidence was very convincing, concerning the necessity of chemo treatments. I was mortified, but she assured me this was the only way to go. I asked what I thought were all the right questions and she was really good with the numbers. She told me all the percentages for survival and presented them in a way that I thought I was doomed without her help. I scheduled the operation for a port to be shoved into my chest, leading me to meet my fourth doctor.
Dr. L put a port in my chest and my disbelief, fear, cloudiness, uneasiness and everything else negative you can imagine grew in intensity.
Suddenly my survival instincts took over and I started furiously researching all that was involved. HPV 16B, chemo, radiation, doctors, American medicine, worldwide medicine and cures for cancer from here to the ends of the earth and back. I was on fire for knowledge and absorbing all the interweb could provide.
I made a call to my best friend Joe, and his immediate response was call Tom Tam.
Dr. Tom Tam is a research scientist for Tufts University, practicing Tong Ren Therapy in Haverhill, MA. He is becoming renown, worldwide, for his treatment of cancer. His research has led to treatment that does not include chemo or radiation, and although he won’t tell you what to do, if you tell him you are going with traditional western treatment, he responds with an exasperated “whatever.” All these doctors know the same things about cancer, and although they may agree on the root cause, their treatments differ highly from Dr. Tam. Cancer is the one living thing that can’t survive in an alkaline state and in the presence of oxygen. Dr. Tam further points out that the body vibrates at 8 hertz and his theory is that the part of your body that is affected by cancer is vibrating at less than optimal vibration. His treatment includes ancient Chinese Tui Na massage which is very aggressive and separates the muscle tissue or “the blockage” that is restricting the flow of blood, and therefore the flow of oxygen. This blockage is inhibiting the body’s ability to fight off cancer and the affected area, or tumor, grows. This treatment in combination with his own invention, an ultrasound “ticker” machine, that trains the body, and especially the affected cells, to vibrate at a consistent level, has been proven over and over to be effective in fighting cancer. This course of treatment brings oxygen to the cancerous cells, thereby killing them, and brings the entire body back into a harmonious state of well-being.
Three major differences stick out about the treatment plan of the four traditional western medicine doctors and Dr. Tam’s eastern medicine approach. Western medicine was invasive, barbaric and expensive. Tong Ren Therapy is non-invasive, creates no pain and is FREE.
So, you may ask, why? Why is it that if this Doctor can cure you without filling you full of toxins and poison, is this the way we treat people in America? The United States is the only country extensively using chemo and radiation in the civilized world. Other countries have many other approaches to cancer and are not held to the restrictions mandated by the pharmaceutical companies in America. Imagine injecting chemo into a tumor, rather than poisoning a patient’s entire body. This form of treatment is widespread in Europe, and drugs that are considered only experimental here, are used worldwide in the humane treatment of the growing number of cancer cases.
I met Dr. Tam one week after I started radiation treatment. After doing the calculations I decided not to get chemo and run the risk of a 2% less chance of recurrence (versus a 93% chance without it.) If I had to do it over again, I would have opted out of the radiation too.
Let me give you some of the answers I have found and hopefully if you ever get cancer or know someone who does, you consider other treatments.
Dr. P told me, “off the record”, that radiation, chemo and the treatments recommended by western medicine were barbaric, and, if the book he wrote gets turned into a movie, he will leave the practice and not look back. He shared that he and all the other doctors were regulated to “death” by the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies, and, if he didn’t follow their recommendations, he would lose his license. I hope he makes it in Hollywood.

Dr. A shared the same about “barbaric” treatment and is hoping for the best. Luckily he deals more with earaches and sore throats, than cancer.
Dr. L is considering going to another country where he can, once again, practice healing without restriction.
Dr. M was relieved of her duties when it was discovered that she was taking a $10,000 kick-back from the pharmaceutical companies, for every patient she could get on a chemo regimen.
Dr’s P.A.L.M. have us all in the PALM of their hands. Only their hands are tied.
Then there is Dr. Tom Tam. To those to whom it matters, Dr. Tam is a believer. He attributes anyone’s survival from cancer as a miracle from God and praises Jesus for cure he provides.
He has a long track record of cancer survivors and everyone is welcomed, every Saturday, to take part in his treatment. And Tom Tam never charges a penny. All Tong Ren treatment and the survival of his clinics is made possible by donations. For the naysayers who would rather seek western barbaric medicine, I urge you to do some research. The only reason Dr. Tam’s treatment is not recognized and distributed freely is that the pharmaceutical companies haven’t figured out how to make money from it. To be FDA approved a treatment must pass through many rounds of clinical trials. Each one cost a minimum of $150,000. A healer like Dr. Tom Tam can’t afford those trials and the corrupt system keeps him from being recognized for the man he is. Brains and compassion. Something that is missing today at your local doctor’s office.
No illness is fun and cancer is so rampant and so scary. Do your research and we can only hope the research being done on our behalf is for us and not the almighty dollar. The “C” we need to see is “care.”
Or maybe there are other alternatives? Of course they are there. Research will set you free. Good Health and God Bless!


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