Fake News is one of the hottest topics in the “news.” So the question is, what is fake or not, and where do you go for verification, 2559and what do we do to those putting out this fake stuff? There is no question that outside of Fox News, the mainstream media is anti-Trump. It seems un-American, but the Media is charged with reporting news and informing the public. We count on it. Spin is part of daily news life, including at FoxNews, and in a panic to be a “News Alert” and “Breaking News” leader, all outlets can be accused of erroneous stories, and, if there is a retraction or reprint, it is done quietly and certainly not an “Alert.”
Because of the back and forth of he said, she said, and the constant reporting of viral stories, it becomes hard to trust any source anymore. Facebook is one of the most quoted sources and is a collection of the most untrustworthy stories anywhere. Anyone can post on Facebook and can make a referenced site appear to be breakingnewsfb01-415x260-415x2601-415x2601-415x260legitimate. Anyone on the news can say anything without proof. Sites like Snopes report fake stories of whether a site is fake or not fake. There is now a congressional investigation into the Trump camp and ties to Russia. This smokescreen of endless stories to undermine our current President can only mire the attempts to focus on real problems and divide the country even2016-10-28t21-07-04-833z-1280x720-nbcnews-fp-360-200 further. I have a close friend who on Facebook told me he is spearheading a grassroots campaign to overthrow President Trump. He is joining the Democrats and the entire “left” in a smear campaign, born out of losing an election and a whole lot of power with it. These practices used to be known as treasonable offenses, and the consequences were dire.
On February 8th, I contacted my local Congressman and collectively we proposed a new bill, which now, just two weeks later is up for review in the House.
HB 2712F states: “Any individual, organization or agency which is proven to be perpetrating false or misleading information, for the purpose of undermining or overthrowing the United States Government, or to rally an effort to do so, shall be immediately incarcerated and held without bail, until he or she, or it’s entities, clears their name, by either revealing their source or documenting the origin of said story, to the satisfaction of the courts of the United States.”        How’s that for a fake story! I wonder if I will hear that repeated anywhere, and what kind of outrage it will inspire.images
Hold on to your hats and ride it out. It’s never going away. A country divided will not stand. Don’t believe everything you hear and furthermore don’t spread it as if it’s the truth, unless it is. The media, the 4th Estate, has become a joke.


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