big-empWhat is your escape route?
let’s say an EMP, or something more than just a hurricane, shuts off power all around you, and as far as you know, everywhere. We know many countries have, or are developing, EMP’s. These man-made electro magnetic pulses can also be caused naturally, by solar flares. Natural disaster or not, the implications are devastating. The end result is no electricity for anyone, anywhere, within the reaches of the blast. You won’t get a Fox News Alert, and if your plan is to run, which way would you go? No Google Maps, no GPS, no calling Uncle Joe for directions. The certainty that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West can be time-consuming and weather inhibited.  It’s a “left on your own,”  kind of disaster. No power, no source of food, no clean water, no sanitation, no heat or air conditioning, no medications, no hospitals, not one thing we take for granted on a daily basis. You will have no money, except what’s in your pocket. 29361402693_6c11090abd_oThere is no access to banks or an ATM……. What becomes important then? You have a knife, a 9mm handgun and two clips, some milk in the frig ready to spoil, 6 small water bottles, half a box of Raisin Bran, and not one canned good. How long do you think those, or the batteries in your flashlight, will last? Your car won’t start if it has any computer chips in it. Most cars still on the road have chips in them, and unless you’ve saved a pre-1980’s VW for such an occasion, you won’t be able to get around very easy. That is the real “terror” of an EMP, or any far-reaching event. Whatever everyone needs is just not there. Admittedly, a self-sufficient lifestyle has always been a little too much work to me.
So now, where would we go to band together and take advantage of strength in numbers? Who do you know, and how do you know if who you know is someone you can trust? And how about the ones who you thought you knew? Adverse conditions change people. More than ever we would need each other for survival. After all we’ve been through, historically and recently, where would we begin to find people to turn to for guidance? If we managed to learn how to get along and we had to start over, what kind of leaders would we turn to? Who can really take us down the path of all we naturally crave for, and ultimately, were built and programmed for in the first place?
In an era where trust, hope and faith are at an all time low, I look to the one resilient history book that shines it’s light on a new path, full of promise, and has been spelled out and ignored by many, for centuries. imgresI’ll take the one and only leader that speaks love the loudest, and I’ll follow His ways……and surely His goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. In darkness and in light.


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