So I was watching the National Cathedral and the new President was attending a multi-cultural service. I was at a loss most of the time as to what they were saying, but I was glad to hear the things I did hear, and knew the overall theme was keeping God in the picture, and keeping the evil one out. This service reminded me of going church as a kid. I wasn’t always pleasant about it, mostly because I couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t engaging. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and my take on it is as personal as yours. Now I am part of church that engages me. It keeps me coming back for more. One of our greatest freedoms is choice, and your church is part of that. My brother and many of my friends have a much different view on how things work in this world, and we are just a microscopic chunk of humanity. It is o.k., and I am o.k.
Every time I pray I include unbelievers. The more I learn about Jesus the more I pray. Who do you pray to? Are you out there fending for yourself? When you hope, where is it directed? If the universe is directing you, where did the universe come from? Mind-boggling stuff. I find it a lot easier to explain what I believe. People are all a little different and, by nature, as taught by the Bible, we are all sinners. It also assures us that these sins are forgiven because of love and grace. Evil is driven by another force that goes after this sinful nature leading to a belief system that some people interpret as “an answer.” It is intentional deception. The more you know the more it reveals itself. It is part of the choice. Among other things, one prayer was taught by Jesus, and although I don’t always pray these words, I try to live these words.
Matthew 6:9-13:   This, then, is how you should pray
Insert Your Lord’s Prayer.   Pray intentionally.


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