zero-toleranceI always thought all child offenders should be slow boiled in oil. It wasn’t until someone I knew, or thought I knew, got arrested that I finally woke up, and not only realized how you “never know” about someone, but now I know even a “good” person is capable of anything. My closed-minded, judgmental decision to have no tolerance for any negative, and especially any illegal behavior against children was shattered, and I’m waiting to wrap my head around it, waiting for an answer. People are sinners by nature , and the world we live in feeds on it, with the constant bombardment of stories, in an endless world of information. True or false, it is now endless.
Crime against children is a sickness that reminds us how helpful we need to be with the helpless little beings. And that doesn’t end at any age. We all need each other in one way or another throughout life. Whether it’s because we are surrounded by information or this has always been the behavior and we just weren’t hearing about it, the world is changing. More people, more bizarre behavior, and the more we hear about it, the sooner it is everywhere around us. Awareness, fear, and paranoia are not enough and acceptance is essential to preparedness.
The whole thing is tough. Even other criminals have no tolerance for child offenders. I believe any human that violates a child should be locked up and never allowed to be near another child again. Widely viewed as incurable, no amount of chance is in order. Keep them locked up. Their prison is already built-in their mind and the only thing left is to keep them away from kids as they live with themselves in a world with no stimulation, and left to their own reconciliation, behind bars. Perhaps they can find their soul again, but we can take no chances.
So now this particular human needs my support and love more than any time in his, and my life.praying_for_you_postcard-r1c6893037a2f44398105b24be1fc09a7_vgbaq_8byvr_324


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