imagesI know it’s supposed to be “resolutions”. But how many of them get broken? I’ve made a new resolution to stop making resolutions. I don’t really remember making and breaking one,  but I also don’t remember any I’ve made, and probably were “in the moment” temporary thoughts, so hopefully this one sticks.
A revolution sounds more powerful, and as American’s we have a great opportunity to participate. We know that times have changed, are changing and always will change. Plenty enough people voted for actual change this time around, banking on someone’s specific words, rather than an empty, unachievable promise. The revolution started with the Make America Great Again campaign, featuring repeated promises to create change, and change lives. Extreme vetting, wall building, veterans healthcare, jobs, taxes, draining the swamp…. all great ideas. The Revolution continues when we participate in the change, in whatever capacity we can, and let the good times roll. The value and impact of one can be significant, and there is power in numbers. Make a choice to make a change. I pledge to drive forward.
I have been an advocate regarding Veterans Choice Healthcare since it’s inception. The new President has promised to help Veteran’s and I have a chance this year to make a big difference to further the cause. This Facebook page:  was started two years ago. There are more people turning to this resource every day.
images The site is intended to help Veteran’s navigate the bureaucratic nightmare called Veteran’s Choice Healthcare, by sharing each other’s experiences. Originally intended to help Vet’s get care sooner or closer to home, Veteran’s Choice Healthcare is one of two abject failures for healthcare created by the outgoing administration. Our grass-roots effort can make a difference so help keep the word out there. Talk to everyone you can, write letters… this Choice care has to end. 22 American Veteran’s commit suicide every day! The media always talks about Obamacare and Veterans (VA) care. Even saying “these Vets deserve a choice,” yet never mention Veteran’s Choice Healthcare. No one really knows about, or mentions Veterans Choice Healthcare, but the people trying to use this system do. President Trump is offering a glimpse of hope and we can help by praying that he means it. We have some new officials since the election and we have to keep bending ears until all Veterans get great care, with equal if not better preferential treatment. If you are one who has served, or know someone who does, thank you for your service to the country and lets all Make America Great Again in 2017. Happy New Year and start your own revolution  …… it’s a good resolution.


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