300px-nativity_tree2011Christmas. Many meanings, to apparently many people, all over the world. The giveaway is the name, CHRISTmas.
This weekend more people will attend church than any other time of the year. Whether you visit church on Easter and Christmas, or every Sunday, the true meaning of this day is to celebrate the birth of the real King. Our teacher, our mentor. The one who taught that Love is the answer. As we get ready to practice our faith, honoring the birthday of Jesus  in our fancy, pretty clothes and happy smiles, let’s band together and pray for the safety of all. No fear, but confident in the power of love and sound mind, which God gave us. We need to stand against the evil ones with a Christmas protest. We protest any negative thoughts, actions, and deeds against our Savior and ourselves.
There are cowards everywhere, including among us, that want to scare us, threaten us, and take away from the joy of the day. This is prime time for some radicals that think this is the best time and way to practice their “faith” and what they believe in. They will take out as many as possible, regardless of age, color or size and shape. Their actions and beliefs are the furthest from love, and the devil will never win.
I’m spending the Christmas season with my two daughters and two granddaughters and the rest of my family and friends. May God bless anyone who tries to ruin in for them, me, and you and yours. Be diligent, be aware and use the power and glory of God to protect out love ones, and those we do not know, who share our love for each other, Jesus and mankind. The evil ones will not persevere. Suit up, be tough in love and Merry Christmas to all, and to all a safe night.


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