onepercenterThere is a patch worn in the biker world identifying someone as a 1%er. It means 99% of bikers are law-abiding decent human beings that carry the same values as the majority of the world. You know who I speak of, us. The ones with the  “do unto others” mentality. Then there are the 1%’ers. They proudly display their badge of honor declaring that they will not be told what to do, laws do not apply to them, and unlike the rest of us, it is a sure sign that you should probably stay away from the them. I’ve seen a lot of these patches in my forty-five years of riding and noticed most of these patches are on little scrawny guys who couldn’t scare my granddaughter, but, the site of the patch makes me head in the other direction. These are the Napoleon syndrome, tough guy, gun-toting, heroes in their own eyes kind of people who think it’s awesome to hurt, kill and maim people, and delight in violating the laws meant to protect the rest of us. Recently I sold my bike for many reasons, none born out of fear of other bikers, but out of fear of Florida drivers.

20160623_183108I’ve driven in almost every State in the union but never saw anything like Florida drivers. I blame it more on tinted windows than age…. you can’t tell if they’re looking and see you coming. Anyway, most things don’t scare me and I’m not afraid of dying. I know I am just passing through. Maybe it’s just that I am getting old too? And after 45 years of no incidents I feel like I should quit while I’m ahead?
b3h0r9aqhuprsdbbg0vdax4gnwhdsvt4fopuxp3ic8w__51150-1468968094-1280-1280 I loved keeping my bike shiny, especially the chrome. Now I travel with an equally shiny and well cared for “suit of armor.” Each morning I wake up and thank God for another day. I thank him for all he has given me and forgiven me for, and all that I have not seen. I put on my “suit of armor” to defend God and his enemies with all that I have at my disposal… my brains are more important than my brawn, and together they aid me in the “battle” that has continued to repress Christians as well as all of mankind, throughout history.
_35The world has become a scarier place with terrorism having relatively easy global mobility, and more tools to practice their trade. As a Christ follower it concerns me that Christians are still a prime and preferred target. The devil is one of the 1%er’s, and the world of terrorism is driven by “the evil ones.” Attacks are everywhere and the true meaning of terrorism is played out on a daily basis…holding people hostage in their minds, having to be on high alert instead of enjoying life to the fullest.
So we are the 99%’ers and, as Christians, or “non-terrorists”,  we are charged with banding together as an army, donning our suits of armor, and together wiping out the devil and his gang of puny little thugs. What kind of human would kill anyone, let alone innocent little kids, as part of their religious or spiritual beliefs? Their cowardly ways, and lack of respect for lives of any age, is intolerable, and our diligence and refusal of acceptance for this kind of behavior, make it our duty as humans and inhabitants of the earth to wake up each morning with a common goal. The world will be a safer more joyous place as the 99%’ers don their suits of armor and defeat the 1%’ers of the universe, releasing us from the grip of  “the evil one” and his spineless gang of hooligans. It begins with wanting, and willingness.
Ephesians 6:10-18



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