flat800x800070f-u3The best decision I ever made was “un-following” every liberal friend I had on the Facebook. For six months leading up to the election I participated in many spirited debates, withstood many verbal assaults, and even won a bet on the outcome of the Presidency. I had heard many stories about people losing friends over this election and was proud to have avoided it. Even the guy I won the bet from graciously conceded, and promised to pay up, although I know he is still in disbelief. Then a guy I have known for many, many years and had shared many fun times and uncontrollable laughter sessions with over those years, posted one of those non-news, fake stories, trying to smear and debase the President elect. Three weeks post-election! He is a Marine veteran and I reminded him that there is a new leader and he should have more respect for the Commander-in-Chief, and, if you see him, salute him. I got the typical radical un-American reaction of the left, and left behind, losing Democratic party. His girlfriend or wife or whatever she is, first questioned whether or not I was a Veteran (yes I am) and then said, “F-you You A-hole” (abbreviations of words even a guy shouldn’t use), and then she continued, “I would rather burn the flag than salute President elect Donald Trump.” That dude was a friend of mine and I have never met her! Do you think I want to meet her now? I did before. Don’t you think it’s a shame that happened?  Isn’t that a little too much? I had to “un-follow” my friend, rather than subject myself to that kind of language and attack. And besides I like Donald Trump, the next President of The United States. I’ve had to quit following many of my friends and some close family relatives because of similar circumstances. Not that I don’t like or love them still…. I just don’t need their stress bringing me down while I am celebrating the new HOPE AND CHANGE that finally has a chance at realization. It’s like a reality show, only real.
trump_christmas_ball_oval_ornamentWhat has become of this nation when we are so divided? So divided that it can strain friendships and family. Where is the unity that made this country the greatest place to live on earth? We live by choice, and in order to co-exist, we have to honor each other, every moment. The world is not coming to an end because of any election, but some friendships did. Merry Christmas to the nameless guys wife and all of America, and all the people of the world. Peace on earth, goodwill toward men. All Men and All Women. Happy Birthday Jesus. Love and Peace.


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