imagesI just watched a short clip of “Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas” and felt something new come over me that I never experienced before. It was not just another feel-good movie to me, I could relate to the relationship.  Jimmy Stewart has always been one of the best actors ever, making his characters “real” and unforgettable. He, like his movies, is a timeless classic. This movie, and others like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, creep back in to our lives every Christmas season, and along with them, the overpowering presence of what the season stands for. Lost in our generations are the happy times that make me grateful of my age. I grew up in a time went Christmas was Christmas….Jesus’s Birthday…  no xmas or Happy Holiday. Everyone was celebrating the birth of our savior and making no bones about it.  Everyone… black, white, young and old shared in the magic of the season, unafraid to say Merry Christmas, or to sing praises of a little town in Bethlehem, or flat-out, Christ, Our Savior, is Born. Everyone I knew went to Church, even if it was one of the only two times a year they felt compelled to go. Not because it was “correct” but because we were celebrating the birth of the greatest, most memorable teacher to ever walk the earth. A man who promised more than just this walk, but if we walked with Him, He guaranteed an eternal walk in a promised land. Something to look forward to, and if only for this one day a year, we have a day to thank Jesus and celebrate the birth of a baby who grew up to be the single most influential person in history.
imgresWhat of you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?
This is not about me by any means. For four minutes and 13 seconds a day, Monday through Friday for seven weeks my head was secured to a cold steel table while I was “shot” with 400 times as much radiation as legally allowed for humans to be exposed to. I wore a mask that was molded to my head and snapped with eight snaps to keep my head from moving, with the slightest movement causing irreparable damage. The first”practice round” was scary but later that day, my compassionate doctor told me to think of a “happy place” to go to for a few minutes each day. He promised that it would ease my anxiety. That afternoon I looked out my window on Hampton Beach and saw the sun glistening off the ocean and stared at it long enough to know I had found my “happy place.” The next day the treatments began. I had prayed the night before, for a long time, and asked Jesus to help me make it through this ordeal. I had just started working full-time in a Church, helping spread the Word, and I said to Jesus, “this can’t be the end, I have so much work to do.” I had finally reached a place in my life where I knew how I could fill the empty feeling of not knowing how to contribute to the world, how to give back, after finally learning how to be grateful and thankful for all that I had. I asked Jesus to stay with me and help me recover and live long enough to continue to give back a gift I had irrevocably found. I prayed out loud “I’m too young to die and I have so much more work to do.”
That day I lay on that table with my eyes closed watching the sun glisten off the ocean and felt the hand of Jesus on mine assuring me that I was not alone, and that He was there for me. I felt an incredible peace for 4 minutes and 13 seconds a day, 35 times, and almost craved those moments, knowing I was with Him.
I recovered, healed, and have been pronounced cured. My body is once again whole and my soul is completely intact, and now I never feel alone in any situation. Jesus kept his promise and walked beside me, just as He always had, but I was to “well off” to see before. I hope and pray your awakening has happened naturally, or comes easier, but I have no regrets.
imgres-1He is the gift of the season and of a lifetime, and we should not only celebrate his birth, but on a daily basis celebrate His life with the deepest of gratitude, and look forward to seeing Him face to face. Right now I can only imagine, but I’ve had a glimpse, and it was good. Thank you, Jesus.


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