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I am a devout CF (that would be Christ Follower) and that comes with certain responsibilities to live up to. I am not for Right to Choose and have stated my case many times. I think a woman’s right to choose is when she decides to take the chance in the first place. The “choice” has been made to “take” the chance of creating a life.  I ache every time I think about the choice a woman has to make when she decides to now “take” that life, and I’m sure although it is forgiven, it is never forgotten. I ache for her, the father and the baby…. so why is it only her right to choose??? The pictures attached are my granddaughter Charlotte, before and after. Now she wakes up every morning smiling at her mother, my daughter, and there is no question that we all loved her when the first picture was taken, as much as when she celebrated her first Halloween. She was a living human being, with a heartbeat, and breathing, and living off her mothers feeding. It is a miracle that everyone should experience. As my friend Joe Barbagallo says “how many people can you walk up to that would say “yes”, if you asked them if they wish they were aborted?” Life man… LIFE! Who are we to deny someone’s life because we were so horny we couldn’t take steps to never have to make a decision like that. It cannot and should not be a form of “birth control.” I am all for women doing what they want with their bodies… not someone else’s. (that would be killing the baby) They can have fat or be anemic, have rotten teeth, tattoos, green hair, nails in their face…. anything!!! That’s their body and their right to “choose” what to do with it. Not anyone else’s. For instance, I can’t kill Hillary Clinton or anybody else, but pro choicer’s want the right to kill their daughter or son???? Where is the sense in that? And yes, I believe the baby is a living human.
So as not to be a single stance voter I share this. Illegal aliens should be deported. If they have a family, they have a “right to choose” to take them with them, back to where they came from. Then they can start the process of becoming a citizen of the United States. Like most things we face, there is a process. May be tedious, but we do it for the prize, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I think all welfare recipients should be drug tested. I think there should be a work program to get people off welfare, and a sensible limit on collecting. I believe every voter should show an I.D. card. I think affordable healthcare is a must for America and should be privatized, to create competition and drive down prices. I believe Veterans are Americans and should be part of our healthcare solution and get rid of the V.A. I think the Tax Code should be scrapped and have always been in favor of a flat tax. (covers all incomes) No loopholes. Choose to qualify for a gun permit (limits on felons and nutjobs are important). Choose to carry with a legal firearm. Cut bureaucracy and, with all the money left over, create infrastructure jobs and improve America, for Americans. Strengthen our military so no one messes with us. I am very much for less Government, less red tape and shorter working hours, and more vacation time and no more daylight savings time and lots of other things.  That’s what the Government should be “overlooking” and ensuring… not dictating. “Right to Choose” is a freedom, not an “entitlement” handed out by legislation.
So now this election season comes to an end. As humans I love you and your right to “choose” how you think. And I respect your views. I “choose” my friends. Elections come around every four years… friends are once in a lifetime and for a lifetime. Here are some facts about planned parenthood that often get overlooked…. I don’t want to pay for that, so I vote. That’s the American way.


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