imagesSo Trump wins and we move on. For the first time in many years, with a Republican in the White House and a majority in the Senate and the House, there is a good chance that government gridlock is broken. It has been tough for many years for a President to make progress with ideas and policies, when there is no legislative support.
For a long time I have been an advocate for Veteran’s HealthCare and hope, with a new administration, a lot will change. I hope and pray that while revamping the disastrous nobamacare, the new Washington includes Veterans in all their healthcare decisions. There is no doubt that the country can benefit from a Government that can move forward together, and it’s time to take the opportunity to show how much we care for everyone in America, including the men and women who protect our nation, and will continue to keep us safe from tyranny and unseen enemies. Healthcare Reform has always been a talking point, and credit is due Hillary and Barry for trying to come up with a plan to make America healthy. In my humble opinion I believe Veterans should join the mainstream medical community and we should wipe the slate clean by eliminating the V.A.
This does not come without a plan. And much like our new chance with our new President, it is a business plan. The Government has been losing money for a long time with the VA system and it is time for an overhaul. Simply put, tax money pays for Veterans (who qualify) to go to any doctor, any hospital and any clinic, anytime. Doctors and support staff that take a hit sacrificing to work at the VA, go on to private practices, which we will need with the new healthcare system, and buy or lease the old VA buildings from the Government, to set up co-op offices and hospitals while sharing the existing equipment. Everybody wins and our military becomes stronger because of their newfound reputation and the promise of taking care of our Veterans. If you don’t think the VA system is that bad, read these Veterans stories:     or  Anything can happen if we all pull in the same direction. Everyone of us knows a Veteran or stories about brave men and women that cherish the American way. We’ve never had a better time, or more need, to strengthen our military.
The run for the next election will probably start next week, sighting past performances. Let’s put our elected officials feet to the fire now. Here’s what you guys said you would do. We voted for you. Now do it.


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