14906891_1297780083594888_1453046265421342612_nWhat if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for yesterday? My father died a few days ago, and I got to meet my little granddaughter for the first time when I went to the funeral. Mixed emotions for sure.  Over this past weekend and during the drive back from New Hampshire, I listened to a sermon from Pastor Mark Balmer, the guy I gratefully work for and with, spreading the Word, and he coincidentally mentioned funerals. He said he often would ask the gathering, “who’s next?’ It could be your ashes in that urn. Do you know where you are going? Have you thought about it?”
My 3 brothers and my sister all grieve differently and I know we all do, case by case.
So I try to do it right and ask for forgiveness when I slip and need it the most.  I’m watching the Cubs, ahead in game 7 in the 10th inning and know, anything is possible. The best of all my joys, and what is certain to make me humble and feeling right, is when I hold my grandchildren, or their mother, and for that moment all is right with the world, and I trust in their touch that all is well far beyond this chapter on earth.
I remind myself, every chance I get, to stop and let the sun beat on my face, stare at the ocean, pray for my kids and my grandkids, try to do the best for the ones to follow. I choose to follow Jesus on my journey, and hope you are as comfortable as I am about dying, and especially living. Thank God for another day.  Surprises, dreams, and wishes do happen…..Cubs Win! Who’d a thunk it?


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