14567986_1199334380142788_5671689030153709807_nLet’s call this an open letter to any Democrat that cares about this country during this bizarre election season. How do you draw any conclusion about DT? Why is you don’t comment on the uncovered cover-up and lies? You guess about someone you can’t possibly know about and defend or ignore proven corruption? Do you believe HRC was so stupid she didn’t know what a classified document was? Do you really believe Obama was so stupid he didn’t know HRC had her own server? Do you really think the media has been fair to the American public and gave them all the news for their discernment? Do you believe their was nothing shady about hiterly enabling Russia to control 20% of our Uranium? Do you believe b.o.’s nobama care was a success, or an abject failure, just like Veterans Choice Healthcare? Even he’s admitting it has failed! He has brought down the middle class with just these two horrific mistakes among all the other crap he’s been pulling. But, you’re getting cheaper gas. That’s all you needed. How about outside your bubble? These are rhetorical questions….. I know the inner workings of a Liberal mind. Did you hear about the time The Donald gave a free cross-country airplane ride to a small boy who needed desperate life-saving care? With all your glorifying do you take into account the average 1.55% GDP making b.o. the 4th worst President in history in growing America?
I suppose that was bushes fault… billy bush? gwbush? ghwbush? They are on your side, remember? Want another Trump fluff story? Defend the emails being dumped by WIKILEAKS. You have to read them first, then spin them…. keeping listening to the liberal media, they will show you how to twist a story with their twisted, corrupt agenda. I voted today in Florida. God Bless America.

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