How do you feel about Nuclear War? In my opinion, if it ever happens I want to be on the winning side, if anyone actually wins under those circumstances. And now we know why hil LIAR ry is so afraid of who has the nuclear codes. The chronic enabler has made it possible for our former ally, Russia, to control 20% of the United States uranium supply. Former ally is important to note. I’m not here to try to prove that fact. It is proven and widely reported. The Clinton Foundation in arguably their most inflammatory and dangerous “pay for play” scam, has put not only the U.S. in danger, but also created an unprecedented global threat. And she worries about whose finger is on the button? Me too. Could be her and bill’s buddy, Vladimir. I’m sure she will tell you, “he paid for that right, and that “trumps” earning it.”
In the typical Democrat and Liberal Media slant, or cover-up, we don’t hear much about uranium in this election. But we do hear killery speak of keeping Trump from the nuclear codes. How many times in this campaign season have we heard an accusation or slander by h and the dems that after “fact checking”, and actually doing very little research, turns out to be a deflection. This election race has brought out a lot of stupid comments, but I honestly believe if hrc’s team was so smart, they would have left those things alone, so as not to draw attention to them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people, hence voters, that take anything said out loud, or in print, as proof enough for them. For instance, I just saw a commercial with the hypocrite abortion enabler claiming how much she wants to do for children. And the liberals owns the hypocrite media. I’m hyp to their game. You should be too.
Now the Russians own the uranium, and the more they have the more they can sell, trade or give away. Scared yet? Remember a lot of this stuff happened when Hilla the Hun was Secretary of State. Just imagine what she can yard sale as President. Just imagine what the world looks like under the control of the ones with the biggest toys, the one that becomes the powerhouse of the world. She’s selling off America and it’s future, and her campaign is trying to sell you on the idea…. in their own “corporate whore” kind of way that applies to them, as well as being one her most accomplished traits. Why isn’t she 50 points ahead? and what difference does in make at this point? You decide, November 8th.

Hil pic: I found the picture here: https://www.facebook.com/AllenWestRepublic/
credit due to whoever deserves the credit. If you tell me who you are I will publish your name. bill pic: Mikhail Metzel/Associated Press (pictures really are worth a thousand words)


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