For all you peeps that think it’s (put you favorite nasty word here) for Donald to say he won’t answer the concede and congratulate question… he said “I’ll tell you later.” Now go run with it. I wish he didn’t say it, only because of the obvious reaction….. watch it unfold over the next 18 days rather that get to the issues. AGAIN.
The Donald missed some golden opportunities in last nights debate because a masterdebater outpivoted him on two major issues. WIKILEAKS  and PAY TO PLAY, which are joined at the hip, in many ways, anyway. Questioned about WIKILEAKS emails, the “Artful Dodger” brought out her well rehearsed spiel about the Russians and “pivoted” to how Trump loves Putin. She pushed the point that the Russians were the hackers, but anyone and everyone could see she was not answering a direct question. When quoted by Wallace as saying “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders,” Clinton masterfully pivoted her head in a 360 degree rotation (remember The Exorcist) and said she had only been referring to trans-border energy development, and then attacked WikiLeaks and Trump for being in cahoots with Russian intelligence. Trump, rightly, cried foul: “That was a great pivot off the fact that she wants open borders. Okay? How did we get on to Putin?”  Never really got to how she feels about the real “open borders” issue. She is good at lying, deflecting, and misdirection. A masterdebater that would make a good President in some other country. The D missed a great chance of just asking her to answer the question as it was referred to in the emails. Or asking her to explain all the things in the emails, not just give us a fantasy story about Russia trying to “fix” this election. Then, she has the nerve to accuse DT of saying the Dems are trying to fix the election, when, as she adeptly pointed out, THE RUSSIANS ARE TRYING TO FIX THE ELECTION. Spin your head back around and make up our minds Hil LIAR ry.
And why do I have to support planned parenthood with my tax dollars? Just because I support obama flying around the country campaigning for h on my tax dollars?  (that is sarcasm.) I think abortion, and especially late-term abortion, is no less murder than letting our four brave Americans fry in Bengazi. I think a father and a living, breathing, heart beating child have a right to choose, as well as a woman’s right to choose not to spread her legs in the first place. I also believe in forgiveness and grace, not absolutes.
Back to Hil LIAR ry. She is an enabler. She enabled bill clinton (“profoundly sorry” for the burden his behavior imposed on Congress and the American people), enabled Iran and Isis, and will enable anyone that will help with her own power-hungry scheme. As far as any gripe you have with Trump… no idiot or “hair-trigger” person without the right temperament, can build a billion dollar company, without having to lie, steal, or cheat his way there. (insert Democrats rant about stiffing contractors)…..  You don’t like him because you think he is an a’hole. How does anyone’s single opinion, of any man, change the way he would run this gigantic corporation known as the USofA. What has ruined America, globally, is the fact that lifetime politicians make decisions for everyone but themselves (like healthcare), and good ol boys take care of each other in exchange for whatever is the “deal of the day.” Get your money out of the stock market if you have any left….. stock up on your ammo … there’s a hopeless change headed our way. You have the “right to choose” November 8th.


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