I hope The Donald lays off the “fix” and the lying women thing in this the “final chance” debate. The non-news says that what Trump is saying about the fix has no basis….. they say it over and over and over again, and prove him right. It’s not “all” about dead people voting and rigged ballot boxes, it’s about the crooks that are “fixing” this election ….. the ones that try to convince you different, instead of talking about WIKILEAKS…. shameful đŸ˜¦   (and the polls are still close) ….. Donald please speak your views on the issues. Don’t get baited. And voters, don’t give up the fight against the “establishment” …. it’s time to establish a renewed America, by the people and for the people. A proven liar and a proven shady system has to go away. It’s deplorable. The best I have heard from the opposition is that Trump is unfit because he is a “potty mouth.” They can’t trash his bad diplomatic record, his failure to accomplish anything in the Senate, or his record of failed elections. People were smart before and voted anti-HRC and got screwed for it with an even worse choice. That legacy is playing out in Chicago, in the stock market (just wait for it), in the school systems, and prayerfully not on the battlefields. What have we got to lose with a proven successful businessman and his ideas about strengthening the economy, ending illegal immigration, fortifying our military and gaining back the respect America has lost over the last 8 years? He may make your daughter blush? We have nothing to lose, there is so little left.  And barry nobamo, the useless inventor of nobamacare says it’s impossible to fix the voting system…. what’s really hard,  just like all this other crap going on, not whether or not it exists, it’s the burden of proof……. ask all the lawyers in Government.


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