Poor B.O. … after all this time he still is spewing garbage. He still stinks. He said yesterday that there has never been election fraud…. blah blah blah…. Suppose for a moment that not one TV station, newspaper, or even “the Fakebook”, refused to run that story? Would he get it then? Still wondering what a fix is?….Since mid-June Bernie has built a new mansion on Lake Champlain, and was handed a private Jet. That could have paid for a lot of free college! The worst President in American history is leaving quite a legacy. He is out campaigning for a liar, instead of, among other things, helping our American Veterans that have “deplorable” healthcare (22 American Veterans commit suicide everyday). His “fix” was Veterans Choice Healthcare, a proven disaster, and then he invented nobamacare, or “the unaffordable care act”, for everyone! (except elected officials). This fiasco is now ours to clean up, as well as trying to rid Chicago (nobamas kind of town) of the murderous thugs wandering the streets, all the while keeping us from “fixing” the broken things B.O. ran on, and only made worse. Stench personified. Factcheck it at hillary.com…
Now he is out campaigning for Hitlery on the taxpayer’s dime. You are paying for it. Your taxpayer dollars going toward this misfit, out slandering someone who received more votes in the primary than any other candidate in history, while sucking up airtime from the other crooks that won’t report WIKILEAKS. How does he feel about you Trump people? He’ll “fix” you. He’ll fine you if you don’t use the biggest ripoff perpetrated on the American public….nobamacare. And his mistress hil LIAR ry is waiting to grab the baton. How many more laps around this track before a great America is just a memory?
Vote for Trump or continue the disgrace. What do you have to lose? What do we have left? If you have any money left, keep it out of the stock market. The clock is ticking…. WIKILEAKS, WIKILEAKS, WIKILEAKS… SPREAD THE WORD, TRUTH IS OUTNUMBERED.


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