I watched the non-news again this morning. The majority of stations are still trying to convince you that current lies or “unsubstantiated allegations “, prove someone is unfit to be President. The real news is that someone is unfit, we just don’t get to hear that news.
Here’s another media guy, Dennis Michael Lynch, who wouldn’t fold like an accordion. He makes sense, asking simple questions about your beliefs. I spoke of my experience working with the media… here’s another “whistleblower.”
Ask anyone you know who works in the news industry. “News readers” are told what to say and the better actors get to the top faster and make more money. They are paid to say what they are told to say. Simple isn’t it. Greed and power personified. Remember Donald Trump worked for his money, legally, and owes no favors. Not the case for the other candidate. As far as the lying women coming forward… this guy says it better than I can. Why do you think this is all we hear when there is Wikileaks, and floods and hurricanes and REAL people in dire straights. Those things don’t matter to the bought and paid for media. AND, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE STUFF THEY ARE FINDING IN THESE HACKED EMAILS.” The media does not want you to hear what is in these emails because they prove every negative thing that has been said about the crooked candidate, hrc.
And then we hear from h in reference to Donald Trump, “is this the person you want with to have their finger on the button?” In reality the President has more access to putting their finger in yours, or their bellybutton, or somewhere darker, than having the button in their pocket. It doesn’t work that way, and is just another “scare tactic.” These Wikileak emails are proof, in the Dems own words, that there is PAY FOR PLAY, lying, corruption and even callous neglect, that has led to death. The news liars and hitlery are giving the voters the finger, and it hasn’t begun to wiggle enough to hurt yet. And how about the poor Americans that are missing in North Carolina…. they decide that is non-news.
It’s deplorable. Save America at the ballot box.


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