images-1Over the past 7 and a half years we were fed a line of baloney in order to get support for obama’s legacy…. “nobamacare”. When it comes to healthcare and B.O…. something stinks. In keeping with the democraps in Washington’s continued practice of over-promising and under-delivering, barry repeatedly (let’s go to the videotape) promised affordable health care for everyone. He called it the Affordable Health Care Act. One thing he did get right was to call it an “act.” The bad actor and his bad “script, called for “lower costs for everyone and keeping your own doctor.” He pounded that stretching of the “truth” over and over and over and, again, as Dems believe, if they say it enough times, it will come true.
So now the rhetoric is “now more Americans have healthcare than ever before.” That may have something to do with the fact that if you don’t sign up for obamaexpensivecare, you will be fined, and these fines are in the four figure range. And now, many insurance companies are dropping AFA for various reasons and in my state of Florida alone, 400,000 people will lose healthcare benefits in 2017.
With the loss of these insurers this “plan” heads toward a “single payer plan”, as soon as the rest of the insurance companies are gone. A Bloomberg report states: “One estimate by the Kaiser Family Foundation predicts that for at least 19 percent of the people in Obamacare’s individual market next year there will be only one insurer to choose from.” And isn’t that the plan in the first place barry, and your cronies? And which Insurance giant campaign donor gets to be the “one” in this socialized medicine fiasco? What health plan does any one of the elected officials in Washington have? I guarantee not one has, or “needs”, AFA.
So now B.O. says he will waive the fines while congress sorts out this mess. After he leaves. The one positive is that “he leaves.” This happy-go-lucky jokester that mocks while playing golf or campaigning to keep his legacy alive, more than he works to fix America’s shortcomings, will finally be gone.
So with this mess dumped on their backs while b.o. builds a library in war-torn Chicago, what are the chances the Government is going to have time to “fix” the  tragedy called The V.A. Healthcare system, or The Veteran’s Choice Healthcare system. What are the chances that they will fix the fact that the defenders of our dwindling rights are committing suicide at a rate of 22 American soldiers a day? hrc already said “The Veteran’s Healthcare system is fine.” And while I point out that as American’s it is our duty to help as much we can, and while exercising the privilege of voting for the people who can “hopefully change” what is broken in America, I urge you to take into consideration the effect on people outside your bubble. You may be “fine” in your situation and I pray your world doesn’t change. For the people who need change, I urge you to pray for them. One more point to ponder… if hrc is running on her record of helping children, why does she so adamantly support late-term abortion? So now that I have mentioned praying and abortion and offended a large percentage of voters for the left, I will remind you that this particular message is about healthcare and the lack of it for Americans, and to a certain degree of importance, for Veterans, brave men and women fighting for your safety so that you can have the “right to choose” on November 8th.


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