e37d447793fefc6c82f297b3403a5007I can prove HilLIARy is a liar… she already proved it for me. If she is elected to lead this  country I will continue to pray for us all, adding now, the imminent danger we will all face. I believe Trump is in dire straights with this election. If he could leave the allegations alone and quit trying to deny his accusers, he might have a chance. But, the plan is working. A smokescreen is keeping the public from seeing anything about HRC, let’s say for instance the Wikileaks emails, because people continue to crave drama and crotch grabbing stories and who’s a liar and who isn’t. For all of us old enough to remember “where’s the beef?”
Fear tactics have always worked for the Democraps. When I worked for Public Television I was discouraged to vote for Bush because my co-workers tried to convince me the Republicans would take away funding for the station. Despite their pleas, Bush won the election and RAISED the allocation for Public broadcasting. The station under obama’s dictatorship is now gone and 50 people lost their jobs. Factcheck it, if you can find that kind of info on Hitlery’s website. What a joke our nation has turned into. What stats does she post about Veterans Choice Healthcare, for instance. Shameful, but still the American people have the privilege to vote, and hope that the system is not also rigged. Where is HRC anyway? Cackling in her basement watching the non-news cement her victory? She doesn’t need to campaign, the news media and the obama’s are doing it for her. She went on Ellen. You know, Ellen, a hard-hitting investigative journalist. You realize don’t you that our tax dollars are paying for the obama’s to fly around the country trying to convince you that Trump is unfit because of the way he treats women. THAT’S ALL THEY HAVE? Must be … that’s all they are talking about. YOUR TAX DOLLARS funding a campaign….. BTW President barry obama’s Air Force One is the most expensive to operate, costing taxpayers $206,337 every hour it is in flight, according to the Freedom of Information Act FOIA…..  DEPLORABLE!! God Bless us all.


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