Every 65.4 minutes an American Veteran commits suicide. We have horrific medical coverage for the men and women that put their lives on the line for a country that cares more about who’s grabbing who, and who grabbed who, and who can lie to get votes or who to buy to get votes….. a deplorable state of affairs. Why are we not asking these two candidates what is their plan for these Vets? …. among other important things. If you do care, and most of us do, look what Veterans are saying in their own words about the medical help the desperately need, and maybe that can influence the way you think in the Voting Booth… Over a year ago I started a website and Facebook page:
www.veteranschoicehealthcare.com   I started this page and website to advise and help Veterans navigate through the problems they face with Veterans Choice Healthcare, a broken, corrupt system devised as a “solution” for Veterans health after the tragedy in Phoenix.  It was supposed to help Vets to see civilian doctors if they had geographical restrictions or long appointment waiting times. The page exploded with hundreds of Vets writing in, unsolicited, and the problem was exposed further on Public Radio  https://www.revealnews.org/episodes/no-choice-failing-americas-veterans/  The impassioned pleas and desperate cries for help have fallen on deaf ears. Doctors have started refusing to use the system because bills, if paid at all, were put out as far as 15 months. Imagine if you decided to pay your taxes “some time next year” One Veterans Affair public official went as far as to tell me: “nobody cares. It’s just another Government mismanaged program that is slipping through the cracks.” He went on to say that the leaders of what we thought were trusted organizations , like the VA, The VFW, and DAV,  trade positions at the end of their terms, and just print new business cards, so as not to lose their standing with the Washington elite.
This Obama led system is not working, and neither candidate is offering a solution worthy of making the Non-News we are forced to choke down every day. 22 AMERICAN VETERANS ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE EVERY DAY!!!! What matters to you in this election?


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