What does it take to point out the obvious? We get no help from the “in the tank” liberal media crooks. This Trump grassroots, Facebook, Twitter campaign relies on us to spread the word that is effectively being crushed on our “free” airways.
These email leaks are Hi LIAR ry, Hitlerys, Hillary Rotten Clinton’s own undoing. She not only put America in jeopardy with her illegal server, she put her dream of being back in “her White House”. How is Bill going to be able to have sex in the oval office if HRC is not elected? And I don’t think it would be with Madam President? How dare we deplorables take away what they have schemed, lied and manipulated for since January 20, 2001.
All these email leaks are saying the same thing. Crooked, lying, deceitful, pretentious, corrupt, racist, biased, deplorable, collusion, gang warfare, cover-up, greedy, cheating, slippery and any number of other words that will be written off as “politics”, unless the American people voice their outrage. I personally don’t want another Politician, especially a career politician, anywhere in our Government, or in a “Newsroom”. For the people, by the people?
Get out and vote and vote with your heart, the biggest thing missing in Washington. Give your neighbor, or a stranger, a ride to the polling place if they need it. Voting is not only a right, it’s our duty. Make America Great again.


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