Future Headlines: CNN Folds Like An Accordion – Watch For TNN …… Amidst the allegations that the media is in the tank for Hillary, I continue my search for fair and balanced coverage from the “other” guys. Briefly, more of the same as every day.
CNN: Bashing Trump, laughing at him and would not show a video when their Conservative contributor referred to what Hillary could confirm on the video clip. She said the other stations have shown the video, and the hack host continued to tell her she was wrong and said “we’re not going to run the clip, people at home can find it if they want to see it.” What a pussy. (that means a spineless, jellyfish, hack news reader.) Much like my liberal associates who spout things out and never dig into their validity. “They seen it on the Interweb.”
MSNBC:  To my surprise I can tell you I have seen a change in the mornings on this station. According to Media Matters:  Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have repeatedly defended and praised Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and hyped his election chances since a reported September meeting they held with Trump in order to “rekindle” relations with him. Since that meeting, the co-hosts have defended Trump against criticism regarding his birtherism, his call for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail to disarm, his comments on veterans with PTSD, and his charitable foundation’s violation of the law, while simultaneously downplaying Trump’s polling struggles and defending his performance at the first two presidential debates — which polls suggest he lost. The polar opposite of Trump hater (and don’t we want to get rid of haters in the world) Rachel MADdow.  Joe Scarborough actually said now Hillary, being desperate to change the narrative, is chasing millenials and urging that crowd not to vote for a “climate denier”…. taking Gore, you know the guy that invented the Internet, to appeal to millenials….. and referred to the climate change conference in “CHINA.” Maybe she forgot Luxembourg on her 122 country tour of duty. HRC, don’t you have a lot more to worry about? How does she look in the mirror and live with herself? Is there actually a reflection when she does look in the mirror? The world is in deplorable shape and she wants to spew about climate change. Whose lining her pockets on this subject? Go Joe!
Fox again remains my choice…. they pound on both candidates when either falters, and makes suggestions on what they should campaign on, or how they are screwing up. They have Trump on almost every day and he answers any question they throw out. Even Meghan Kelly’s, who’s obviously still reeling from earlier debate comments directed at her. Why don’t they have Hillary on? She’s invited but refuses to appear and, in fairness to the other stations, she refuses them too. She does not do impromptu. That must be beneath her? Or, maybe she’s afraid of being caught without a canned answer, or maybe she’s SATAN (Saturday Night Live humor referral, one of the heavy hitting News shows she does appear on.) ……But Fox does remain the only Network or Cable Channel that covers every story, not cherry picking or slanting what they consider important to the deplorables, that we now know the liberals believe need to be coddled and led, for reasons that they, at their level, could only understand. Sheeple?
Perhaps every news reader should meet with Trump, and find out what Joe and Mika found out for themselves, instead of being spoon fed what to believe, and encouraged, or job threatened to report on.
As far as climate change goes, how about we address what is really going on with these crooks and their back room deals. She chooses to blow that stuff off and talk about some unfounded claims that remain unproven, or, if we are in trouble, climate-wise, what are our options. For instance clean coal preserves and creates jobs and energy independence, and is LESS EXPENSIVE that the crap HilLIARy is feeding to the millenials. Take solar panels and Teslas, eh Barry. I lived through the 60’s and 70’s, so I know what alarmists and advocates for alternative solutions are capable of professing. Millenials… look up from your cellphone, blow out a big E-smoke cloud and open your ears and eyes. Try to figure out why they call you the Y generation or is it “WHY????? Generation” Why do I have to?, why should I?, why can’t I? You know the generation of entitlement. Factcheck stuff, if you can find an outlet you can trust. Gather information from all sides and then MAKE A DECISION FOR YOURSELF. Wait, Jimmy Fallon said……
So, if I was a betting man, and I did bet on the outcome of this election, I would also bet that if The Donald is or isn’t President, heads are going to roll. The Trump News Network is only dollars away. And what does money matter anymore, we’re all going to burn up and have no oxygen because of the climate change thing anyway, man… Everything remains meaningless. (I can fact check that)


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