Just when Hillary thought she was going to “snatch” the election from Donald Trump because of the comments on the bus, she was in for a big awakening. My conclusion of a landslide win was based on what the “news” people are reporting. Most channels are belaboring comments like “I would put her in jail”, as communist like comments, that a dictator would say….  That he admitted not paying taxes….. That he still has no respect for women…..  That was the takeaway???? If that’s all they have to talk about this morning it was indeed a landslide win for The Donald. How about speaking to the reason he would put her in jail? How about Bill Clinton’s sex escapades, and Hillary’s backing of him. How about the tax code being so messed up that it was “legal” to do everything Trump did, and as he pointed out, HRC’s donors as well as the Clintons themselves, take the same advantage. How about the fact that he hires and promotes women in a positive, fair, non-gendered manner, contrary to the average statistics. Hypocrites. Again, he said-she said banter doesn’t fly with most Americans, especially those hungry for news and non-spin. And why would Republicans withdraw their support for their party? Personal gain? It could not be because they want a great country, because party loyalty is the key to success in any election. So I watched a lot of news this morning. It’s Columbus Day, so I have time. You know millenials, that great American, Christopher Columbus.

My favorite, FOXNews was exploring comments from the Debate last night and even with their Democrat plant Meghan Kelley, they gave a pretty good review of the highlights and lowlights, the wins and losses of both sides, and a fair assessment of who gained the most in the debate. They focused on Trumps problems as well as Hillary’s. Liberals, please turn the channel to hear what FOX had to say. I watched the “other” channels, and the “morning after pill” that the media is trying to get us to swallow was more of the same.
CNN went on for 15 minutes about the bus conversation (old news),  By the way do you think being named Billy Bush, who got fired this morning for being vulgar, is ironic?, when the most popular word on the news this week is p _ _ _ y?  Just sayin…. Do you think he is being treated fairly by being fired for the way he talked on that bus? Or, is he maybe in reality George Bush’s brother and son? Spin that….Then CNN gave us their polls, qualifying them as reliable, honest and scientifically representative samples, and cautioned us again about snap polls. And I’d like to know why they do that. They say snap polls are not accurate because people can vote as many times as they want. Can’t that hold true for both sides? And couldn’t they manipulate their own polls? In short CNN drooled all over Hillary and ripped Trump as usual. (obvious biased and a known conclusion… they are proud of it)
Meanwhile, ESPN was all over the greatest quarterback ever, Tom Brady (now that is factcheckable.) And it was pointed out that the NFL’s ratings all declining. I, for one, think maybe if it didn’t cost so much to go to a game, or now even to watch a game, you’d see that turn around. (Hey, this blog is called Opinions and Observations)
The Weather Channel is still talking about the devastation from hurricane Matthew (important news.)
CNBC was talking about the economic effect of Hillary and Trumps energy plans. The conclusion was that “going green” would drive prices up and that clean coal is cost effective, job saving, and has no affect on global warming. One of their “experts” said Trump had no plan for economic recovery but a simultaneous guest pointed out that Trump’s claim of over-regulation was echoed by most American business people, and his plan included stripping away a lot of those regulations. (very educated and spoke to both candidates plans).
MSNBC was also belaboring the bus talk and also commented on the baseless opinion that Trump is dangerous for saying he would send Hillary to jail, (which she deserves if prosecuted fairly), questioned Mike Pence’s future if he sticks with Trump, again bringing up the bus and the opinion that Trump didn’t really apologize for it, and after again bringing up the bus for the fourth time in 10 minutes, they did some fact checking. One reporter whom I will not honor by mentioning his name, said that it’s ridiculous to think terrorism is more imminent than the threat of sexual assaults in America. Say What?? They did however factcheck Hillary’s redline comment and concluded she was, can we all say, LYING. Another hack said Donald Trump admitted he cheated the tax system. He did not say that, nor did he do that. He took advantage of antiquated tax laws that need to be changed, which he promised to do. (Mostly liberal nonsense. But as I trudged through watching this station and I almost puked from listening to most of their easy twisting of what a human says.)

Shame on you non-news people and non-expert guests. And who are these FACTCHECKERS who, when factchecked, become FACTCHEATERS.

I welcome feedback because I am qualified to speak to how the News is presented. I have been behind the scenes for over 30 years.
What a sick dilemna we are faced with when we can’t trust any information. Again we are charged with gathering as much information as possible, and making decisions for ourselves. Coincidentally, that is how we have to live our lives, inside or outside of politics.


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