It’s time to guess that maybe they had the video all along. Fixed it so Trump would be the nominee…. wait til the email scandal was at the point that HRC was going to be outed, drop the video bomb on a Friday afternoon, start a hurricane, steal an election. Genius…. finding a way someone unelectable could win. Let’s give credit where credit is due. How long have they had that video? Clever to wait until now to smear, or as she would put it “I’ll show you how to win an election despite my “deplorable” record and my illegal activities that are being proven at my pace.” …. leaving us with 4 more years of Obamacy. Do not despair ….  Good thing we still have a voice at the ballot box, if you believe that’s going to be legit. Horndog or a Liar ….. No wonder the world laughs at America… it’s heartbreaking. Despite his clearly well pointed out flaws, I still believe in Donald Trump. On the issues he still is the clear choice. We need leadership in this country and he is a proven leader. We need a Supreme Court that will be fair and just. And he is at least human. We need change and I keep hoping.


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