Donald Trump was obviously secretly miked (that means no one told him he had a live mike on-not illegal under the circumstances) and now the mainstream news can’t play this recording enough. Can’t find any mentions about Hillary’s email problems that occurred in this decade, well YESTERDAY anywhere, but on the “F” word. For those of you in Rio Linda that means FOX NEWS. Now his apology is not good enough, yet HilLIARy never apologizes, because as far as we know and according to the “award winning” news teams, she hasn’t done anything to apologize for. She has just been “unclear”, and doing what others did before her, and only had one Blackberry, and thought there was really a YouTube video bad enough to take out our embassy in Bengazi and ….. what does it matter at this point anyway! But with all the Democrats power and resources this is the extent of what they could come up with. 10 and 20 year old stupid mistakes. Not life threatening, just stupid. I could go into her negatives but there isn’t enough server space in the universe. I wish The Donald was squeaky clean but he is a man, and none of us, including women, are. Thank God I don’t ever wear a mike…..  Forgive him and Bill Clinton for immoral thoughts and deeds, and accept his apology. Don’t forgive Hillary for lying, deceiving and stealing and no apology. Turn off your TV and go to a rally or seek both sides of every story… Don’t watch Hillary on a talk show faking like she didn’t prep the host and show for everything she is portrayed as.  Trump may be a dope when he chooses his words, but he wants women to succeed as much as he wants women. He wants women’s rights as much as he wants women, he wants Conservative women to be on the Supreme Court as much as he wants women in any manner….. etc…..This probably would not be news on the liberal media if he was talking about what he would like to do to a man and was “coming out”…) Not that there’s anything wrong with that”(Credits: Seinfeld Episode 57 The Outing (11 Feb /93)  Turn off your TV and go to a rally, or seek both sides of every story.. … who are these hack reporters anyway and how is their opinion as meaningful as say… Whoopi’s or John Stewart or any number of Hollywood elites that spew slanted, biased slander that only get heard because they are insiders too. What about the real issues facing our country and the continuation of Obamacy if HRC gets elected. Ask anyone about their Healthcare, especially a Vet. Pray for the hurricane victims and pray for America. Don’t let our country be sold out.


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