imagesJust when you think they (the liberal media) can’t possibly get any worse, try watching the day after debate “news”.  I am a Trump supporter and I admit I don’t care for Mrs. Clinton, but I went into the debate with an open mind. It had no surprises to speak of, but let the spin begin.

This morning I woke up to the news that nearly every poll taken so far had given the edge to Trump. Only one gave Hillary the win. CNN. So I went to work in the greatest country on the planet and thankfully no one brought up the debate all day.  During the day, I checked the polls and then went to America’s #1 News source “The Facebook”. More of the usual despicable bashing going on by the experts who have been given a forum called the Facebook. These are our new policy makers, fact checkers and prognosticators. More of the same baloney and just adds to the biggest fallacy of knowledge since television. “I saw it on “The Facebook” has replaced “it must be true, I saw it on the “TV News”.

To the debate results. Every poll expect one favored Trump, every news channel except one said Hillary won. I watch MSNBC for a few minutes and the useless non journalist, Rachel Maddow vigorously tried to point out that the only poll you could believe was the CNN poll. Say Whaaat? She explained that the CNN poll was the only scientific poll because they called people before the debate and got their permission to call them back after the debate for their feedback. What Rach failed to tell us is where did they get the participants  for the poll? And what questions were being answered regarding the debate. And if the flaw in these on-line polls was that there is no limit to the number of times you vote, that claim holds true for both sides. Then we were treated to someone Trump reportedly called Miss Piggy 20 years ago, and Howard Dean…. YEAHAWWW….   an American embarrassment,  pointed out that Trump had the mannerisms of a cocaine addict. That’s what they call reporting the news.

Let’s be real ……. Lestor Holt mailed it in. Hillary was given softballs and not questioned about anything controversial nor did Les ever follow-up on any of her answers. Her biggest shining moment was the lights reflecting off her Cheshire cat smile. Hillary clearly had every answer in advance and thank God Trump kept up his ways alive and spoke like a human, nothing robotic about him.

And let’s face it the News is old news, washed up , has been, sensational, reality show TV. With bad actors. Go to a rally and check out your candidate….. oh wait only one hangs with the people. The other one is fundraising at high dollar per plate events and cackles while calling the “rally” goers, deplorable and super predators, and second amendment people, and clearly, not one of her peeps.

I think it is true that Trump missed some golden opportunities last night, but I see the surge continue, the movement flourish and I trust The Donald has something going for him that Hillary didn’t have last time she tried and still doesn’t, he’s a winner. Your vote counts.


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