A big factor in every election is promises made to take care of certain classes of people based on a number of factors uniques to any other situation. For example in Real Estate buying and selling, and financing and insuring homes, it is illegal to base decisions on race, familial status, age or handicap status, among other things. Government entitlements are polar opposites. What makes America great is we take care of our people and won’t let anyone deserving, face undo hardships.

According to Webster there are three definitions of entitlement:
: the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something
: the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges)
: a type of financial help provided by the government for members of a particular group

Because of it’s nature, Government entitlement programs are not dictated by a budget. The amount of money spent is based on eligibility criteria. Unfortunately there is a fine line between two definitions. An alarming number of recipients take advantage of  the system, because the feel “entitled”, rather than they have the inability to change the circumstances that “entitle” them.
Benjamin Franklin reportedly said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We put those payroll contributions there so as to give contributors a legal, moral and political right to collect their pensions.… With those taxes in there, no damn politician can ever scrap my social security program.”

So now we have Obamacare. A tremendous failure so far no matter which side of the aisle you listen to. It is just another program that will ride out and evolve until it can be either repealed, which is unlikely,  or massaged into a mainstay that truly helps people and is adequately and justifiably funded, again unlikely. The information on who is committing fraud and how much of it indeed does go on, is another one of the things that shows different results, depending on your source.

I think drug testing welfare recipients is a good idea. But, only if we can provide an avenue for people to get off those drugs, and then train then to get back to work, like maybe an “entitlement.”

I am “entitled to my opinion”.



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