Trump is his own worst enemy. Good or bad he loves to control the news cycle. It’s pretty obvious the man is not mentally equipped to lead our country. Just remember even with all of Hillary’s “problems” she is still articulate and coherent and has forgotten more about domestic and foreign policy than Trump will EVER know.

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 The wall will be “paid for” by bringing America’s jobs back and by not outsourcing all our profits to Mexico and other countries for the financial gain of a few, at the expense of many jobs lost. There are many ways of paying that don’t include writing a check. Ask a real business leader. We will need a big wall and many checks and balances when our jobs move back to America and the newly unemployed will be scrambling to get in. The news media is the “Facebook of TV and Radio”, a big sounding board from some writers controlled behind the scenes, writing things that they are told how to write and slant, and then read by a lot of pretty faces. And after 30 years in the news business, I have first hand “facts” about my comments. We need more news and less opinions. Let’s have some facts, Then we can decide who to vote for. Be careful where you get your news and “facts” from. And yes Fred you are correct, ” she has forgotten more about domestic and foreign policy than Trump will EVER know” and a lot of other things.

And furthermore is just a internet name, not a tried and true place to go for information. For $1.99 at godaddy you could get the url websitethattellsyouthetruthaboutthestuffotherpeoplearetellingyouabout  and then that will make you the expert?


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