We live in a democratic country with a Constitution filled with checks and balances. There is no queen or king. It is not a dictatorship… things just don’t happen…. for instance Trump cannot throw out any generals like he spouts off about….  or pick through any of the past and present campaign promises all candidates make …. there is no absolute power. Rarely in history has a President hit his mark or fulfilled his campaign promises. Some have put policies in place that over time left them a legacy to be proud of, but mostly it is never realized until long after they are gone. Stuff like the “Affordable Care Act” needs time to play out before we can see it’s true greatness, as well as Obama’s Veterans Healthcare reform he signed in November of 2014. . Trump has promised to sever ties with his “empire” if elected. If he doesn’t he should be impeached. If he is a man of his word most of what he says is achievable. Mexico will pay for the wall by losing the proposed Ford plant… etc. HRC promises free college ….. shovel ready jobs… etc. Please… Newsweek??? I have 30 years in the News business and you can’t believe anything our corrupt media puts out. And even if every word is true why is it the topic “news” in the first place. (any story has to answer that question) To make a “fair and balanced” decision you have to get your info from as many sources as possible. Google “what has Obama accomplished as President” and after you are thrilled to pieces, Google what has Obama failed at. The argument is strong either way… much like the argument of who is the lesser of two evils in this election. Information is power and gathering as much as one can is easier now that ever. Then evaluating, processing, researching, and not “speculating” and “what iffing” or concluding “we need a businessman” or “we need a woman” in the White House will lead to an educated decision. Trumps either problem, or asset, is no history in Political office. Hillary is an open book. The question remains…. “what do we have to lose?” I pray for hope and change to make America Great Again, just like Bill Clinton promised.


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