Your right… that is why talking politics and religion is useless. For instance I PRAY that Hillary changes her position on supporting the killing of babies. Don’t argue back it’s “crazy” to try to counter my opinion. This is just an example of what social media has turned into. BTW social media has not been around for 25 years, and I would be happy to get Judicial Watch to research that. And the News Media is, and always has been, “Left”. Factcheck it. Not trying to open a can of worms… just further pointing out that people have opinions formed from numerous sources throughout life. So I don’t vote for people that support abortion, among other things. You can think a successful businessman is not fit to run our country but where is Hillary’s army of researchers when the “left” needs something to nail him with? In my opinion he’s exactly what the country needs. There is no arguing that he is a successful businessman. His companies profit margin is higher than Hyundai for instance. And if you think or have an opinion that he is doing something crooked and getting away with it, I think the Clintons would have found that dirt by now. Is he cheating or getting over on the system with his taxes. Probably. Why do you think a good businessman hires a good tax guy? The system is broken or NOBODY could get away with tax loopholes, write offs and perfectly legal yet shady practices. If you have ever owned a business you know what I mean… at any level. I personally like the guy and his family values. I truly believe that he will do anything he can to “Make America Great Again”. And you can think what you want about me…. I take nothing personally… I read “The Four Agreements.” I think that Hillary is a liar, a cheat, a bad wife, an abortion advocate, and gets away with stuff because of some corrupt deals made behind closed doors. “Your fired” Hillary… again. Opinions are like bellybuttons. In my opinion, I am wasting my breath, but I like the sound of my own voice. Maybe the debates will reveal a lot to all of us, either way. God Bless.


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